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  • Dr. Gabor Mate Identifies the Root of Addiction

    Addiction is the result of a problem — but what’s the problem, and where does it come from? Listen to learn more about how addiction is rooted in trauma, and how there’s hope for overcoming it by reconnecting with your true self.

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  • Redefining God

    What is the Old Testament? Why should it influence our views on where we’ve come from, why we’re here and where we’re going?

    In this abbreviation Dr. Jordan Peterson extracts new relevance from the ancient peoples understanding of what makes humans successful in this chaotic world.

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  • Slipping the DISC

    Join Eric Weinstein as he takes you on a journey where he examines how current social structures are suppressing the ingenuity of our most innovative thinkers.

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  • The Secret to Moving Culture

    How can you influence culture and change the world?
    It’s easy: tell the truth.
    Learn more from The Realignment Podcast’s guest Andrew Schulz

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