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What We Do

You probably heard: 41% of the total U.S. population are now regular podcast listeners. That’s great news…if you can reach them. The problem is, there are too many podcasts to choose from and not enough time to listen. That’s why we share key takeaways from your podcasts in digestible, shareable trailers.


With Podcasts Abbreviated, you get high-quality trailers that make you feel proud to share your podcasts.


New listeners get to experience the key takeaways of your podcast without feeling overwhelmed by the time commitment. And fans can hook their friends on your show without timestamps. Everyone wins. Cut through the noise and grow your audience with Podcasts Abbreviated.

How it Works

We Listen.

We listen to your podcast carefully, then synthesize the key takeaways to create a storyboard for video and audio.

We Create.

We produce high quality video and audio trailers so your podcast makes a moving and memorable first impression on potential listeners.

You Get Attention.

Share your trailers with affiliates and partners, on social, and via email so you get new listeners and grow your audience.

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