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We transform life-changing messages into simplified cinematic experiences.

Podcasters are the sense makers of our time. But finding gems in the mountains of available content has become increasingly difficult as podcasting grows.

Enter, Podcasts Abbreviated.

We synthesize and summarize innovative thinkers’ best ideas so you can explore them in a way you’ve never experienced. We do this by distilling the most important concepts from long-form podcasts into original videos.

Our abbreviations are not meant to replace or compete with the podcast hosts or networks. Rather, we aim to transform the content into the perfect trailer, so that untapped audiences can discover and engage with hosts they would otherwise miss. That’s why we link and refer to the original platform and episode at every opportunity, often working with podcast hosts to select the episodes that most represent their brand and ideas.

Our goal? To provide a platform and outlet for innovative ideas presented by the top thinkers of our time.

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